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Kerri Tolhurst
Kerri worked as a Personal Trainer for nearly 20 years and was looking for ways to assist clients with their flexibility. She heard about Yin and how it complimented other Yoga modalities by working with the joints, ligaments, fascia and tendons (where 47% of the tightness is held in the body). Yin Yoga also brings people to stillness, supporting them with being present in the NOW to reduce life's stressors and connect them back to themselves. Yin compliments Kerri’s other practices of Spinal Flow Technique, Breathwork, Reiki and The SAccess Method through connecting to our body’s innate wisdom.

Yin Yoga

Discover the tranquil art of Yin Yoga and embark on a journey to inner serenity. Join us for a soul-nourishing Yin Yoga session that promises to infuse you with a sense of Zen and rejuvenation. Through gentle, sustained poses, we will delve into the depths of stillness, allowing the body to release tension and find a deeper connection to self.