Wild moves – Embodied dance exploration

A guided embodied dance exploration. This is for all bodies and does not require any dance experience. Here we will ‘dance’, where to ‘dance’ is simply to express an idea, or feeling, through movement. The only ‘moves’ we will be doing are the ones that are authentic and wild, uncensored and unguarded. This will be a true exploration. Bring your curiosity, and a willingness to enjoy the adventure. We are passionate about embodied movement as a way to express, connect, and transform. For us both, this is a spiritual practice, as well as a source of pure joy and life-affirming connection. This Wild Moves exploration will begin with a grounding QiGong flow, to centre and enliven our Heart Energy. We will then explore the magic of connection and group interaction, through a guided movement process which facilitates authentic expression. This is an everybody-in, moment-to-moment, experience of the collective pulse of our wild, creative hearts. It can be deep, it can be frivolous, a challenge or a delight. Maybe a chance to express your heart's desire? Together we will create a landscape, for each of us to choose our adventure, and explore our collective heart space.

Christine Clegg – My foundational yoga training with Radiant Light Yoga, set me on a path of discovery that has led me through many explorations of yoga styles, dance forms, embodied movement, mindful movement, and well-being practice. I am inspired by the power of deep presence, and motivated by my own transformative experiences, to hold space for others to explore the body-mind through movement.

Carl Broman – Carl has been a student of diverse movement and sound arts for over 20 years. After exploring and training in a range of modalities and ancient lineages from around the globe, including Yoga and Qigong, he shares the deep healing benefits of these practices to empower health, joy and wellbeing for all. His passion is creating spaces for inquiry, celebration, joy and exploration through movement. He has been a trainer and facilitator for many years, currently supporting a range of workshops, retreats, rituals, rites of passage, ceremonies and embodiment practices focused on changing people's inner and outer realms.