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David Murray
David has been attending Mens Wellbeing events for many years, offering workshops around self-enquiry, depression and body awareness. David is a retired engineers with two adult children and a 35 year marriage. Along the way he has been a worker in a children's home, and on a factory production line as well as starting and selling an engineering company. David brings all his life experience to workshops as well as a thirst to learn more about himself and about others.

What Holds You Back?

In one sense you know the answer to this: it's you, it's you who holds yourself back. But in the deeper sense remains the question of how and why?
This workshop is an exploration of "what's really going on here?" It's a deep inner enquiry to help you see your path more clearly and perhaps let go of some of the baggage that weighs you down.
We will be working with partners and with the group as a whole. I'm sure that along the way we will have some fun and some laughs as well.