Shannon Ichikawa
With over 20 years of counselling, teaching, facilitation and coaching experience, Shannon’s clients get to heal from the past, let go of seemingly unsurpassable challenges blocking their way and create a life and love they really want to have. Shannon’s work is a fusion of deep listening, goal oriented coaching and mindset mastery. Welcome lasting love through your work with Shannon! Shannon’s work with the brightest conscious, loving beings raises the bar in her clients’ lives and in the world - as when we grow, we grow each other and our culture up. This work is deeply touching - you will be fully heard, seen and get empowered to finally make the changes you have always wanted to make through your work with Shannon. Shannon works online internationally and in person in the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Welcome lasting love through the art of being human

With words, beyond words, in play and stillness, I step into greater and more beautiful Lasting love with myself and others. An experiential workshop involving movement, laughter, sharing, silliness, connection - all with the intent that we support the brothers and sisters in our circle to welcome lasting love, whether that be with the self, family, friends, your romantic partner, or in finding that special someone to build your future with. We collaborate to lift each other up to a bigger, more joyous and harmonious experience of Love. Connect, Share, Grow, Play, Be Inspired to Welcome Lasting Love!