Christine Clegg
My foundational yoga training with Radiant Light Yoga set me on a path of discovery that has led me through many explorations of yoga styles, dance forms, embodied movement, mindful movement and well-being practice. I am inspired by the power of deep presence, and motivated by my own transformative experiences, to hold space for others to explore the body-mind through movement.

The Non-linear Movement Method

The Non-Linear Movement Method is a powerful, somatic method developed by Michaela Boehm over two decades of client interaction and personal and professional practice. Gentle yet powerful, and suitable for absolutely ALL bodies.  Participants are guided to access the body's natural intelligence, and allow it to direct the release and processing of contractions, stress and emotional tension. The method is rooted in the Kashmiri Shakta Tradition and was developed through extensive personal and professional practice in working with trauma, emotional closures, and embodied awareness. An intimate adventure through your own unendingly interesting inner landscape, to arrive at feeling more comfortable in your own skin. A marvellous benefit of this practice is that through enhancing the awareness of subtle sensation, it also increases one's ability to feel pleasure and well-being.