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John Rosenberg & Pravas

Embracing the journeys of dying & grief

We love, we lose, we grieve, we die. The journey is real, and in this workshop you’ll explore ways of navigating your experiences of grief, and the reality of your own life and its inevitable end. How can we embrace this reality and find contentment and joy in our living?

Many men struggle with grief, with the loss itself and because of expectations about how men ‘should’ grieve. But the ‘stoic’ man is not always hiding, and the ‘emotional’ man is not always weak! Come and reflect on how you navigate grief, the strengths and risks of your grieving style, and opportunities for growth.

Can you imagine the end of your physical body? Here, you’ll have the opportunity to deeply explore the life you’re living, perhaps without awareness of its inevitable end. This gentle process uses various experiential steps to facilitate your embrace of the path to life’s end.

John Rosenberg brings a long association with Mens Wellbeing and men's work, a professional background as a palliative care nurse, and personal lived experiences of grief and loss. He is a passionate advocate for men's health and wellbeing particularly in the areas of dying, caregiving, and grief. John is a skilled facilitator of interactive workshops and integrates conceptually sound content with experiential approaches.

Pravas has been engaged with men's work and this community of men for over 25 years. He brings 76 years of "the Human Experience": from being a son, father, husband, partner, bereaved child, and bereaved parent; the challenge and learnings from relationship; the tumult of joyous life moments; the depths of the darkest moments; The appreciation that I would not know one without the other. Pravas is a Common Ground Facilitator and has presented at Gatherings and to the public.