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Matthew Harris
Matthew Harris is an author, teacher and spiritual guide who writes with wisdom and humour about self-transformation, personal development and spirituality. He sees the timeless wisdom of the Hero's Journey being lived out in the courageous lives of ordinary people. Having experienced his own Hero’s Journey, enduring extended periods of depression, illness, poverty and powerlessness, Matthew shows us that we find and live our life’s purpose on the journey through our ordinary lives.

The Hero’s Journey

What it is and how it shows up in your life

An introduction to the universal template called The Hero's Journey, and how it practically shows up and applies in your life.

The Hero's Journey offers a universal template for personal development and transformation.

The Hero's Journey is a storytelling framework often used in movies, books and myths. It shows how, in our real lives, individuals undergo their own Hero's Journey, confronting challenges, experiencing personal growth, transformation and finally, finding purpose and meaning, despite their circumstances.