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Rory Kilmartin
Rory is a Relationship Researcher and a human developer with over 30 years of committed focus on demystifying relationships of all types. For the last 16 years he has dedicated his life to understanding Archetypal Relationships and Archetypal Wisdom. He started this journey by discovering the Archetypes himself, then over many years the full enormity of Archetypal Wisdom revealed itself and became clear. He is 48 years old, is English, and is currently living in Mullumbimby NSW, Australia. He has been leading workshops since 2004.

The Four Pillars of Eldership

A fascinating, interactive and profoundly inspiring workshop revealing the full power of Archetypes in our lives and the great secrets they contain. The workshop will explore how Archetypes guide and encourage our own maturation by illuminating the Four Pillars of Eldership. This workshop shines a light on the path for men to realize their full potential as grounded, centered and reliable members of their families and communities; ultimately it reveals the path to living a courageous and purposeful life.