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Prem Pravas
Pravas brings his long life experience of what he calls "The Human Experience" Relationship, parenting, life and death, black and white, light and dark linked to meditation and the insights of the Journey within. Mixed with engagement with Men/s Work for over 20 years, including as a Common Ground Facilitator, he brings joyful playfulness to life.

The Art of being Human Celebrating Death & Life

Living fully as a Human Being means engaging with and acknowledging the reality that the Human Experience ends and this workshop (Playshop) gives you the opportunity to explore and integrate this knowing into everyday living. 

In this experiential workshop there is no dogma or doctrine. It is an opportunity to explore with movement, stillness, heart sharing together with creation of your individual, unique review of the life you are living and the extraordinary authentic life you wish to live. “The pebble in this pond might change the rest of your life!"