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Bill Lee-Emery

Squeezing the Lemon

Life brings us challenge after challenge – nothing new about that – yet how we meet these challenges makes all the difference. In this workshop we'll explore how to harvest the gifts hidden within life's difficulties.

When life hands us lemons, the natural response may be frustration or bitterness. But what if we could learn to squeeze those lemons and make lemonade? Together, we'll discuss strategies for reframing challenges, finding meaning in hardship, and cultivating resilience. By leaning into the transformative power of challenges, we can extract wisdom, strength, and compassion.

Join us to gain tools for turning life's lemons into lessons and blessings! Let's set up a lemonade stand together!

In August 2022 Bill was diagnosed with throat cancer. It was a shock as he had always enjoyed good health. But he knew he had some fundamental choices and decisions to make.

These choices would shape the rest of his journey – he would either crumble or thrive.

His journey wasn’t going to be typical.
He wasn’t going to let others determine how he felt.
He wasn’t going to create catastrophic mental movies.
He wasn’t going to take on board other’s fearful stories.
He wasn’t going to crumble in the face of his health circumstances
He wasn’t going to add further stress to his compromised immune system.
He knew the theories - now he had to apply everything he learned.

So he made lemonade.