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Graeme Stuckings
Living through the effects of suicide, loss, grief, hardship, 2 divorces, threats to loved ones, effects of ADHD and just surviving in the current times, has its challenges. When the recession of the ’80s hit, then the GFC, then the outbreak of Covid, having the courage to either participate or not came down to one thing. I have raised two beautiful children despite all the other stuff. And that's just it—stuff that was filling up the void of a need that wasn't being meet within me. I come first, and my family comes a very close second. Having the right values, the right principals, the right mindset can be challenging. I have made my path and embrace it. I'm sure you can too.

Smoothing out the Road

We all know that our journey is unique to us. Choosing a path can be stressful. Having the courage is key. Some simple steps can help. Finding I am courageous, I am not judged, I am enough, I am strong, I am brave, I have nothing to prove, I am accepting my path and I am breathing. I am changing my choice.