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Richard Kirwood
I am an environmental scientist and had a rewarding 25 year career as a consultant in the mining industry before changing course and completing a Bachelor of Fine Art. These days I keep myself entertained by drawing, travelling, gardening, and enjoying life. I've been involved in Mens Wellbeing for approximately 12 years. I'm particularly passionate about Common Ground and am a Facilitator and Custodian of that program.

Serious fun

When was the last time you played? You know, properly played without a care in the world?

When was the last time you did bombs into the pool? Wore a silly hat? Built a sandcastle?

Being a bloke isn’t supposed to be serious all the time. But perhaps, like me, life sometimes gets in the way and fun isn’t on the ‘to do’ list anymore. I reckon part of healthy masculinity is finding a balance between getting serious and being playful.  So why not come along to this workshop and see if you can get serious about having fun.