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Mandy Askew & Rob Boothroyd

Senses of Self

We welcome you to a playspace to explore your senses of touch, taste, sight, smell and sound. This is an opportunity to be with yourself and others in simple, exploratory, fun ways that are grounding and connective. A space to slow time down, to be our embodiment, to breathe deeply, giving thinking a rest. A beautiful way to start off your morning, fully arrive, feel alive and be present for the rest of the weekend.

Rob and Mandy love to explore and enjoy their world through their senses.

Mandy as a massage therapist is very interested in people's embodied awareness, and the miracle of experiencing themselves through their senses. She has found sensory exploration of various kinds has led her to a deeper sense of trust in her own experience and a key to unlocking deep pleasure and treasure in her life.

Rob has enjoyed exploring the modality of Feldenkrais for a number of years, and has found the slowness and gentleness of this approach has been key to opening up other sensory realms. Slowing down, being present, and appreciating beauty has been the best antidote to the background anxiety he experienced growing up.

They are both grateful for the richness of taking time to be with the subtleties of pleasure and the connection it creates between themselves and with others.