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Dean Bentley
Dean is a man who is connected to the vast mystery and holds deep reverence for the journey of soul, and the unique story that each person plays within the greater context of life. He is here to help others connect to their own place within the collective ecosystem of humanity and serve as a guide for those looking to find their unique place within the web of life. Weaving a combination of soul work, embodiment, modern NLP, shamanic practices, story telling, ritual, shadow integration and archetypal work Dean intuitively merges these various modalities to allow the individual to connect to their own truth and power.

Personal myth & The Hero’s Journey

Connect to the overarching story of your life. The framework of The Hero's Journey can guide us to give back to the world by undertaking our unique soul path.

This workshop experience allows you to gain context on how your journey has played out, to be in service to your soul, and to rewrite your stories of trauma, seeing how this placed you on your path for your soul.