Carl Broman
Carl has been exploring the innate desire to change systems throughout his life. This has led to many pathways of attempting to create transformation; including activism, political art, social justice, community development, systems thinking, then moving toward the realisation that meaningful change starts from within. Carl has traveled around the globe studying ancient lineages of wisdom for over 20 years. Diving into spiritual traditions, modalities and embodiment practices such as Buddhism, Daoism, Yoga, Qigong, Deep Ecology and many earth based Indigenous cultures. His facilitation synthesizes the essence of re-remembering our human desire for regenerative living and expanding our relationships to the interconnection of self and all life. He has been a trainer and educator for many years, currently supporting a range of retreats, rituals, rites of passage and ceremonies focused on changing people's inner and outer landscapes.

Our Wounds Are Our Gifts: Transforming pain into power

In this workshop we delve into a blend of introspective exercises, group discussions, and embodied processes that transmute our individual and collective wounds into gifts for ourselves and humanity. Wounds are not just sources of pain, but also initiations that can lead us to growth, resilience, and empowerment.

Participants will embark on a journey of self-discovery and collective healing as we are invited to meet our edges and grow into more of ourselves. Embracing our shared pain for the world expands our capacity to deepen into empathy and nurture compassion which fosters connections within our families, communities and our world.