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Pravas brings his life experience of 76 years of what he calls " The Human Experience". Relationship, parenting, life and death, black and white, light and dark, the highs and lows of life linked to meditation and the willingness to journey within to confront the demons have moulded him. Mix this with engagement with Mens Work for over 25 years including as a Senior Common Ground Facilitator and as an Elder he brings a passionate joyful playfulness to life. He brings his life experience and insights in his work as a "Death Talker" where he gives a voice for the grieving to speak of their grief experience and an ear to listen without judgement.


Osho-Dynamic meditation is a powerful, cathartic, process over five stages in one hour using breath, loud voice, movement and stillness to release suppressed emotions stored in the body. This is an ideal way to land yourself at Manshine, release the busyness of arriving, and clear the space for what the weekend brings!