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Virginia Woods
My life path has been to develop a sense of whole health wellness, for myself and others. From studying psychology to developing my passion for dance with somatic movement and dance therapy. From my own lifelong spiritual and meditation practice to teaching mindfulness meditation practices in health fields, and in my private psychology practice. In my somatic movement and dance therapy private practice I have run groups and individual sessions supporting people to experience their own true self by being in touch with their bodies, emotions, mind, and spirit.

One Heart: The way of the peaceful warrior

The peaceful warrior finds balance between strength and calm, the feminine and the masculine. The word for heart in French is le Coeur, the root of the word courage. To have courage is to feel strength in your heart. Together we will explore through somatic movement experiences how to draw on our heart for strength and calm, and together we will explore how joining as one heart is a powerful weapon for peace in our community. Feeling into the strength and calm in each other’s hearts, we find the courage to stand peacefully for what is true.