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Brian Martin & Christine Clegg
Brian’s fun and vibrant teaching style and love for the sound of the human voice and rhythms of the world will take you on an emotional and spiritual journey, whether you are a performer or an audience member. People attending his classes and events say they feel a sense of community, joy, spiritual connection, release and freedom. Brian has a deep commitment to improving people’s wellbeing. He has helped tens of thousands of people come together in harmony and unity, which for many is a life changing experience.  He believes that developing emotional and social intelligence benefits Australian and World culture and the wellbeing of all within it. Christine is a Bodywork Therapist, Movement Facilitator, Ceremony Holder, Musician, Dancer, and Scientist, with a passion for the arts as a way of well-being. She loves being wild in nature, holding space for joyful and life-affirming experiences, exploring uncharted inner and outer landscapes, and making art in many ways. She brings her experience of holding space for many women's circles, yoga classes, movement explorations, community ceremonies, and nature adventures, along with her musicality and general curiosity, to this gathering.

Moving with Voice

Explore the art of connecting through voice and movement. A joyful adventure of moving with pulse and singing together in harmony and rhythm. Connection through song and dance. The collective experience of being in body and song. This workshop is an invitation to find a deeper confidence with your inner diva and claim your freedom of expression while Moving with Voice.