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Dale Yardy
Dale is a professional Counsellor, Coach, Dreamworker, Spiritual Director, and Professional Supervisor. He is a Chaplain in aged care & the founder of Innerworld Counselling & Holistic Services - Throughout his life, Dale has always been drawn to the fascinating realm of spirituality and psychology. Over the past twenty years, his journey has led him from his homeland of Australia to his second home, Vancouver, Canada where he fell in love with the mountains, skiing, the local theatre scene, vibrant piano bars and met teachers of contemplative practices from both western and eastern cultures that have left an indelible mark on his soul. Dale has undertaken extensive studies in counselling and other holistic modalities. He holds a Bachelor of Theology (BCT), a Graduate Cert in Spiritually-Informed Psychotherapy (University of Alberta), Diploma in Dreamwork (The Haden Institute, NC), and a Diploma in Jungian Coaching (Jungian Coaching School, Israel).

Men’s Dreamwork Circle

Join us for an exciting introductory workshop into the realm of the innerworld – our dreams!

The practice of Dreamwork has a rich and varied history in many of the world's major religions and spiritual traditions. Throughout history, dreams have been viewed as a means of communication between humans and the Divine, providing guidance, insight and revelation. Drawing on the theory of Carl Jung, participants will learn and experience how to work with a dream through a live demonstration and unpack its inherent wisdom for waking life. Dreams provide an incredibly rich and dynamic framework for our inner work as men. As we become more aware of the unconscious energies that drive our lives, we are gifted with a myriad of opportunities to create change and transformation through a true integration and balancing of our inner and outer worlds.