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Rudran Brannock
I found myself 40 years ago immersed in the life force and was so amazed that I have been playing and studying in it ever since. I discovered the play in my body/mind and studied movement arts and shamanic and tantric practices and taught Aikido and Yoga and have developed a whole lot of tricks and clues to help others recapture this extraordinary joy of life that seems to be largely missing from the modern world. I am now 69 years old and my body/mind has become more resonant rather than interpretive. My life purpose is in the passing on of clues - of growing oneself up into a richly embodied and matured human being; of creating conscious culture and internalising the Divine Dance of the Masculine and the Feminine.

Maturation of the Life Force

Living out of the life force is the way of children and animals and indigenous folk who live the life.

Mostly it gets taught in a way that shows us what to DO WITH it. This happens in martial arts and the healing arts and in the mature ways of love making. Yet kids and animals don’t need that training to simply live in it! The advantages of living out of the life force are many… Our relationships with the world are simpler and carry more depth. Intuition comes more easily. We can feel the intention of the mind of the other more clearly. We become more spatially aware both physically and psychically. The heart opens more readily. The sensual world magnifies. Light fluid movement and breath and perception techniques from Aikido, Yoga and shamanic practices. Not strenuous. Comfortable moving clothes and a yoga or training mat or equivalent.