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Matthew Barram & Tim Fisk
Matthew Barram & Tim Fisk have been volunteering with Powerhouse Programs (Rite of Passage camps for teenage boys and their fathers) for over 10 years and are now Directors of the charitable foundation. Over the years Tim and Matt have experienced and co-facilitated many life-changing workshops, programs and accountability groups. They even did a year of psychodrama together! With widely different backgrounds, ages and life experiences, Tim and Matt have supported each other’s development over the years and continue to enjoy co-creating exciting and powerful personal growth experiences for themselves and others.

Living on the Edge

It can be hard to respond and not react when parts of me are conflicted and caught up in a Black & White world of All or Nothing, Fight or Flight, Better than or Less than, Being Right or People Pleasing. It’s hard to be the Benevolent and Wise King of my inner realm when I’m experiencing the fight or flight urges of the King archetype’s shadows of Tyrant or Weakling.

Choosing to walk the edge between Fight and Flight can be uncomfortable and yet hugely rewarding. In this workshop we’ll explore areas where you are already walking the edge and areas where you could use this tool more effectively.

We’ll start off with a better understanding of the edge model, then explore it in small groups and then do some all in Psychodrama processes to help you take home this knowledge and make it part of your everyday life.