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Dr Peter Howie
I've been a qualified group therapist, psychodrama director and trainer through the AANZPA system since 1999. I also have a PhD in how, as humans, we warm up to new experiences and situations, and how this affects how we learn. I have nearly 30 years of training, experience, and a practice of working therapeutically with groups and individuals using creative methods such as psychodrama, drama, and interpersonal engagement. More recently I have trained as a sexological bodyworker and added the title of adult sex educator to my work.

Improving sexual communication at home

Many couples have great general communication about family, work, home, hobbies, interests and similar. They may solve problems around holidays, in-laws, children’s and partner's illnesses, money, education, religion, housing, and career. But when it comes to the thorny subject of sex everything becomes fraught, squirrely, and emotionally things tend to shut down. This is because sexual communication is different from the general communication most people learn. Sexual communication is the area of talking about sex: the sex they are having, the sex they would like to have, the dilemmas they are having, and solutions to those. This workshop is designed to make talking about sex easier, and less scary and take some of the heat out of the area. And as absurd as it sounds: if you can’t talk about it you probably shouldn’t be doing it so come learn to talk about it.