Karen Neaton & Warren Huck

Heart Circle

The Heart Circle can be a profoundly deep experience. It is an opportunity to stand and share whatever is in your heart and be witnessed by the others who are there. Witnessing this level of honesty in sharing is just as important as the sharing itself. Being present in the space and fully listening is considered to be full participation.

Karen Neaton

Karen is a registered nurse and therapist. She believes in the power of "getting things off your chest" and being witnessed in doing so. With the theme of this year's gathering being Collective Heart, Karen felt strongly called to facilitate a space for anyone wanting to share from the heart. Her hope is that attendees will experience a powerful heart healing and she looks forward to being in-circle with and for others.

Warren Huck

Warren has been attending men’s groups, mixed groups and gatherings since 2006. He has discovered that he is not alone, that being human is a hugely variable journey and that we often have more in common than we can possibly imagine. Warren is a long-term member of Men’s Wellbeing, a Men’s Wellbeing Elder, and a regular workshop facilitator.