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Nunumunganah Lawler
Nunumunganah has been conducting this style of workshop for 20 years now at many Gatherings. All those years ago I began travelling solo through deserts, and other isolated places in Oz, connecting with First Nations people, Mother Earth, and all that is nature on Earth and the endless skies. These experiences have given me grounding, a knowing and being in tune with inner-self. Of course the beautiful life-journey continues so that I might continue to learn and grow as one with all that is. I have also been an Elder in this organisation and community for many of those years, and Co-ordinates a men's group on the Sunshine Coast.

Harvesting your gifts through Yarning Circle

Nunumunganah will facilitate a Yarning Circle workshop to support you to unlock/discover/express your own story, through potentially direct connection between inner-self/Mother Earth/Nature and our brothers supporting/joining in.

To transform/heal those Barriers, that have got in the way, of perhaps, your moving through and thriving on life's journey and mysteries, and "harvesting the amazing gifts from life's challenges" we all have inside.