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Melaina Faranda
Melaina Faranda has told stories for decades in her work as a facilitator of women’s and girl’s circles, teacher, workshop leader, presenter, and author of over fifty published books. She loves the way stories can create deeper collective homecoming - whether that's a personal story or imagined. With a particular interest in personal stories, myth telling and the mythopoetic, Melaina has trained at England’s premier storytelling course – the three-month Emerson College residential: Storytelling Beyond Words, along with additional in-person training with Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Dr Martin Shaw, Dr Sharon Blackie, Roi Gal-Or, Karmit Evenzur, Ashley Ramsden, Shonaleigh Cumbers, Hugh Lupton, Angharad Wynne, Colin Campbell, and many storytelling luminaries in the UK and USA.

Golden Arrows to the Heart – Learn to tell a story well!

Curious about storytelling but not sure where to start? You already do tell stories - to family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances - usually in the form of anecdotes. And there are specific ways you can bring those and other stories more fully alive. You don’t have to be a ‘natural’ or have an acting background. Storytelling is a learnable art form with practical tools and techniques that can help you: expand, persuade, inspire, move, encourage, educate, entertain, and open the wonder door. It's every person's birthright to be able to offer a story to the collective. A story that can bring your listeners – both adults and/or kids – into their hearts and a shared imaginal world, in a way that information, ideology, and statistics never can. In this workshop you'll learn techniques for remembering, crafting, and discovering personal treasure within the stories you're moved to tell, and how to tell those stories well!