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Peter Howie
Peter has been working with folks for over 25 years using psychodrama, group psychotherapy, and group processes.

Getting out of ourselves

Very often when we hit a dilemma or a problem or a stuck moment we try and think our ways through it, or feel our ways through it, or exercise our ways through it. Sometimes we employ friends, coaches, or therapists to help us through it. All good things. There is another way to approach this that I call ‘getting out of ourselves’. This is a very simple practice that in Gestalt is called 2-chair work, in psychodrama is called role reversal, and in some tantra groups is called aspecting. It is a simple teaching and may be applied when on one’s own. The closest thing to it is journaling where you externalise your thinking processes and consider what you’ve just written. In this workshop I will demonstrate the process; discuss it, invite practice, and indulge ourselves in miraculous imagination, creativity, and spontaneity.