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Trevor Cohen
Trevor has been teaching yoga in Brisbane for 22 years. Trevor has post-graduate training as an integrative somatic psychotherapist working out of Stonewall Medical Centre in Brisbane for the last 15 years. He brings a unique knowledge of somatics, grounding, and centering in the body to his yoga practise. The understanding Trevor has gained through his own practice is fundamental in helping others connect with themselves and making real change.

Generating Wellbeing

Make no mistake, yoga is about feeling good! This workshop is packed with heaps of feel-good techniques for generating wellbeing! I am bringing you all the things that have worked for myself and my students over 22 years of running classes; blending 4 main styles of yoga. {Astanga Power Yoga, Iyengar, Oki-Do and Bio-energetics}. My experience as a somatic psychotherapist, integrates a broad variety of embodied, grounded techniques into the yoga space. That keeps it real and alive. Some of these include Tension release, gratitude work, intentional work, deep embodiment and connection, Qi-Gong, breath work, witness and objectivity, conscious relaxation, meditation, compassion and Self-Tong Len to list a few to give you an idea. It's definitely about de-stressing, defragging, resetting and coming home to ourselves. This is a proper deep dive not just a 1 hour stretch! If you've heard about the 'Yoga High' and want to experience it for yourself, this is your opportunity.