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Dan Hanson
Dan Hanson is a men’s guide and group personal development facilitator with a passion for men’s work and authentic leadership programs. He is also a Buteyko Institute Breathing Educator and inventor of the SleepYstrip anti-snoring nasal breathing tape. He has lectured internationally on subjects relating to functional breathing. Dan creates and facilitates ‘self-enquiry’ events. To this end he founded Breathe Health Retreats, which provides transformational self-awareness and leadership events. He is also a facilitator for Rites Of Passage programs encouraging emotional growth and self-awareness in young men during their transition to manhood. Dan’s latest project involves setting up of and facilitating a local community to assist with his vision to see the birth of a time when many communities sit face to face regularly, have fun, and support each other while forming deeper connections. Dan is married to Rach and lives in Northern New South Wales.

From the shadows I can see the light

Only when I know my own shadow, can I be present with the darkness of others and have true embodied compassion for them, even when my mind tells me that other person is “doing me wrong” or “should be different”. It’s the same with compassion for myself. If I don’t know and welcome my shadow, how can I recognise my ‘inner critic’ when he tells me “I’m not worthy” or “I deserve shame” or “I must not be joyful”? From my perspective, the gnosis of one’s shadow is the true portal to our shared humanity. By knowing and loving my own darkness I can be compassionate to the behaviours of others, because I can see their shadow too, and hold it in my heart alongside my own. We will use breathwork, visioning, and sacred ceremony.