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Jacob O'Neill
Jacob O'Neill is a men's coach who has spent the last 7 years immersed in men's work, rites of passage, sacred relating, and grounded spirituality. His facilitation is delivered from the body and brings with it a depth that clears the mind, cracks open the heart, and nourishes the nervous system. Jacob is a leader who has the ability to attune to the moment and deliver exactly what is required with a depth of authenticity that not only allows men to feel safe to just "be" but also to begin seeing the true power that exists within their own heart and what it is they are here to do with that power. Jacob is inspired to reinstate a healthy masculine culture that men are willing to stand for & serve.

Fire in the Belly

This workshop is an embodiment practice:

  • We start by building the energy with a grounding practice that calls men deeply into their bodies;
  • We then invite the men to begin sounding with their voice, allowing raw expression in whatever form that takes;
  • We then invite the men to begin circling around a centre point;
  • We start a beat with body percussion. As the beat becomes more prevalent I start a chant and invite the men to join in;
  • Move in a circle—keep the beat—chant, and feel the collective resonance!

Each man is called into the middle to release a melody from the heart over the top of the other men keeping the beat & chanting.

This process will get you into your body and past the resistance of being seen in your full and wild expression!