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Ross Duncan
Ross is a certified master practitioner of Rapid Core Healing and an advanced facilitator of Systemic Family Constellations. He works with the healing and release of inter-generational wounds to reveal your true nature. Ross is passionate about helping others to be the fullest version of themselves. A co-creator and facilitator of Men’s Soul Connection, and co-facilitator of Journey Home to Soul, Ross is actively involved in men’s organisations supporting men to be their authentic selves in the face of society pressures and expectations. He has been a member of Mens Wellbeing for 12 years as an event organiser, workshop facilitator and member of MW Elders group.

Family Systems Constellations

Ross Duncan is offering his workshop on Family Systems Constellations. Ross provides an introduction and invitation for you to experience this in-depth therapeutic practice, in byte size offering that explored the intergenerational lines that impact the nature of who we believe ourselves to be. False beliefs, hidden entanglements, historical family secrets and unexpressed (hidden) wounds that run through our family history. Hidden family wounds have an unconsciously impact on our relationships and effect how we view ourselves, how we view the world around us, and how we relate. Our family lines play a huge unconscious role in who we present ourselves to be in the world.