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Amon Woulfe
I'm passionate about unlocking people's capacity to evolve. I've spent years helping executives, athletes, and everyday people across the world unlock remarkable performance in moments that matter. Even though my work is now global, my roots began here in 2011, as a new man attending his first mens gathering, looking to rediscover who he truly was. An executive coach, trainer and facilitator who's part humanitarian, part spiritualist, part technologist, I believe in giving people the map and the tools to find their way home.

Expression Session

If you want to feel fully alive, free, and at peace...or if you really need to blow the lid on everything that's been boiling inside...this workshop has it all. 2 hours, 1 chance, leave nothing at the door, leave it all on the floor.

This will be a dynamic class that will explore Power, Play and Presence in a journey that dances the edges of collective flow and collective chaos. Based on Bioenergetics, the goal is for us to experience our full aliveness in life.