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Glen Poole
Glen Poole has a lifelong commitment to improving the lives and health and men and boys in Australia and beyond. His areas of interest include men's health policy, men's health practice, men's health promotion and men's personal development work. Glen is currently CEO of the Australian Men's Health Forum and a board member of Parents Beyond Breakup in Australia and the Men and Boys Coalition in the UK. He is a father to one grown-up daughter and lives with his partner in Agnes Water, Central Queensland. At the age of 52, Glen says he is still exploring his own masculinity.

Exploring your masculine strengths and shadows

Exploring Your Masculine Strengths and Shadows is a simple yet revealing circle process that allows men to uncover the light and shade of their masculine identity By sharing this process in a group setting, each man present has the opportunity to develop a new understanding and appreciation of men, manhood and masculinity in a changing world.The workshop's developmental structure will allow you to dive into this timeless conversation at a depth that works for you as we uncover what it means to be a man - with all his flaws, in all his glory.