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Mal Missingham & Michael Mee

Embracing the elder years

Join Mike and Mal for an envisioning of the elder years beyond the hustle and bustle of building family (whatever that means for you), raising children (biological offspring and/or those of your dreams), creating and consolidating a life after the employment years. We will be exploring themes like:• Elder initiation: how to negotiate the transition from the “building" years to the “letting go” years.• Finding purpose and meaning after the "empty nest"• Letting go: navigating the stripping away aspects of the elder years• Inviting Grace into the elder journeyThe intent is to create a dialogue with experiential components to embody this envisioning process. Whilst this is particularly relevant to men in middle or older age, young men will benefit from gaining a glimpse of what is ahead of them … how do we care for ourselves spiritually, emotionally, and physically?

Mal Missingham has always been a thinker and learner of life. That journey was rocketed into an upside down world at middle age, when his family life disintegrated. He strives to be a better man, the best version of himself, through self development at various events, activities, etc.

Mike Mee has been on a journey from his head to his heart in search of his authenticity as a man through several initiatory experiences over four decades. His initiation into elderhood began a decade ago with his retirement from full-time work coinciding with the departure of his children from “the nest”. Over the next few years, Mike went walkabout on the Camino de Santiago to revision his life, and spent time in remote areas with indigenous “shamans” to consolidate this vision.