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Prem Pravas
Prem Pravas brings 76 years of life experience canvassing all aspects of life, relationships, parenting, the death of dear ones, and all the ups and downs of the human experience. Mix in 30 years of men's work with Mens Wellbeing, and is an elder of Mens Wellbeing. Pravas’ passion is to walk with the grieving as they live their grief experience.

The Collective Heartbeat of Life and Death

A gentle experiential exploration of the connection between the heartbeat of life and the ending of that heartbeat when we move to death, with deep contemplation of how we are living our lives. No dogma or doctrine is involved, just a variety of processes to review our life whilst our heart still beats. I call this a playshop as we lightly yet seriously play with life and death. Simply acknowledge the reality of life and death and explore a new way of being alive in the collective heartbeat