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Prem Pravas
Pravas has been engaged with men's work and this community of men for over 25 years. He brings a life experience of over 74 years of "the Human Experience" as a son, father, husband, partner, bereaved child, bereaved parent. He has lived through the challenges and lessons of relationships, the tumult of joyous life moments, the depths of the darkest emotions and the appreciation that he would not know one without the other. He is a Common Ground facilitator. He has presented his workshops and various meditations at gatherings and to the public. He brings his joyous passion for life to share with all.

Embracing life, embracing death: A new way to be

Death of your physical body is perhaps the largest change you will face. My invitation to you is to confront , accept and surrender to this reality. This experiential process will gift you the opportunity to deeply explore the life you have lived and the life you are living perhaps without any awareness of its inevitable end. This is a gentle process and there is no religious doctrine belief system here but only your genuine self enquiry and reflection. The process offered uses various experiences to facilitate your deep enquiry and initiate you into a new way of Being. On completion you will have crafted a document reflecting this outcome as you embrace the grandest change in your life.