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Bex Smith
Known as your Cheerleader for Change, Bex Smith wears many hats, including Speaker, Trainer, Body Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Wellbeing Mentor, and Change Consultant. With infectious enthusiasm, she's on a mission to help individuals dust off their pom poms while engaging their inner Cheerleader to triumph over life's twists and turns, all while having a blast. When she's not empowering others, you'll likely find Bex snuggled up with her beloved rescue dogs, immersing herself in the wonders of nature, and savouring life's simple pleasures. She radiates the belief in the power of joy, authenticity, and embracing every moment. With Bex as your guide, you can trust that your journey of self-discovery will be brimming with laughter, growth, and delightful moments.

Elemental Unity: Crafting our collective heart

Elemental Unity: Crafting Our Collective Heart is an immersive workshop that invites you to explore the profound connection between nature's elements and the human heart. Through guided meditations, elemental reflections, and using nature as art, participants will journey through air, earth, water, and fire. This immersive experience fosters unity and interconnectedness, allowing individuals to contribute their unique essence to a larger, shared heart. Join us in this journey to connect with nature, forge bonds, and embrace the power of a unified collective heart.