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Heather Price and Dr Cornelius Van Dorp

Earth Star Co-creation with the Collective Heart

Cornelius and Heather have combined their knowledge and experience of crystal wisdom and innate capacity to connect deeply with Nature’s elemental medicines. Working with the native Australian Ficus Botanical Family and Crystal Kingdom, along with sacred ceremonies, essences and chants, and with intentional community support, they have co-created a massive Earth Star heart-energy container. Thus activating the vibrational energy field with intentional, high quality vibrations of Love, Light, Wisdom and Peace and other heart-felt, transformative blessings. In this offering they demonstrate their faith in the power of the collective heart and intentional focus, and the sympathetic resonance that can occur between parties invested in the same outcome.

Dr Cornelius Van Dorp

In my first medical post I worked for 6 years on Greenpeace expeditions as ships doctor and Antarctic base doctor, during which time I spent time in the American South West and Mexico, exploring shamanism, Indigenous culture and crystal technology in healing. Then, after many years of family and plant medicine practices, and producing a number of books recording and describing my early adventures, I was delighted to recently begin working with Heather Price, Crystal Healer and Shamanic master teacher, on a new Crystal Earth Star Mission to harmonise chaotic and disruptive energies in Brisbane city by lighting up a 7-pointed Earth Star over the city and its environs, linked into the ancient song lines of old Gondwanaland and heart energy lines elsewhere around the planet, signalling the beginnings of the promised age of Peace, Love, Light, Wisdom, Joy, and Prosperity.

Heather Price

Living and working on the land for thirty-eight years enabled a deep connection with Nature, which I continue today, discovering and nurturing my own True Nature in the process. A move to the city saw me establishing a counselling and shamanic energy healing practice, followed by twenty-years teaching integrative, energy-medicine practices and crystal wisdom for healing and wellbeing, greatly inspired by crystal gridding master Richie Roberts. I have been delighted to vision and co-found an inspiring community of light leaders, called The VisionKeepers, along the way. In 2019 I had an inner call to create sacred-earth transmitters along the East Coast of Australia, and recently joined with plant medicine doctor and author of the Crystal Mission series, Dr Cornelius Van Dorp, on a crystal mission around Brisbane to harmonise energies through the power of the collective heart and intent.