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Carl Broman
Carl has been a student of diverse inner movement arts for over 20 years. After exploring and training in a range of modalities and ancient lineages from around the globe, he shares the deep healing benefits of these practices to empower everyone’s own health, joy and wellbeing. His passion is sharing practical tools that expand our relationships to the interconnection of self and all life. He has been a trainer and educator for many years, currently supporting a range of retreats, rituals, rites of passage, ceremonies and embodiment practices focused on changing people's inner and outer landscapes.

Daoist Qigong Flow

Set the foundations for your day and your life! Changing the world is an inside job. Embrace the joyful energy of the morning sun with the power of a group. Energise and heal your body from the inside out. This Daoist Qigong flow movement practice includes breathing techniques, relaxation, fluid movement, and state of mind that improves body awareness, cultivates connection, enhances balance, reduces stress and supports self-healing. The principles are based on the traditional healing systems such as yoga, Tao Tai Chi, and Qigong. It is a very accessible form and can be practised by anyone, regardless of age, experience or fitness level.