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Teena Angelia
Teena works as a Clairvoyant, Energy Healing Practitioner and Artist, residing and working in Brisbane. She has been working and learning about energy for over 30 years. She is particularly interested in exploring the exchange of energy in our everyday lives and communications to find empowerment in all situations. Her work also has a strong emphasis on embracing emotional responses and unhooking vibrational patterning. Her art work and clients span the globe as Teena enjoys connecting with people from all cultures and diversity. She finds satisfaction and joy, sharing her knowledge and connection with others through private consultations, painting, and facilitating workshops on spiritual development and creativity.

Come play with clay

This workshop is designed to encourage individuals to connect more deeply with themselves. Exploring what it is that you most want to develop, achieve or succeed in your life and uncovering the greatest obstacle that is in your way or blocking this achievement. The workshop includes an inner journey to draw out this inner knowledge. We are then using air drying clay and crystals  to create a powerful talisman to focus on our goal and also a visible symbol of our obstacles, so that we can clearly navigate the pathway forwards. Having these two physical objects together can be a powerful tool to aid growth and development, creating a tangible experience of our inner battle in our outer space. Greater connection mentally and emotionally through this process can aid the journey ahead towards success.