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Moana Pearl
Moana Pearl is passionate about Circle, about how we can expand to connect the dots, how we build relationships with and responsibly acknowledge our interconnectedness with the other-than-human beings, the invisible, and translate all of that into being cultural change agents. She is a mother of grown children, lay herbalist, ecofeminist, ritual maker, a believer in the inherent power, medicine and mystery of Circle, loves to dance, weave, smell the sea and laugh. She lives in the Byron Hinterland, and currently works as a counsellor in private practice (when she's not facilitating Women's Circles for women of all ages!)

Calling the Circle: The ancient way forward

What happens when we sit in Circle, when we move into the safe, enclosed container of a sacred Circle and are witnessed in our humanity? How can Circle inspire personal and sociopolitical change? How does this ancient architecture provide healing, connection, compassion and sanctuary? Come join us as we explore and experience the simple, potent fundamentals of Circle.