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Robert Grimes
Robert is an experiential human in a male body. He loves understanding humanity from a point of view of love and fear. His journey in life has had its "ups and downs" to allow his Soulful Self to emerge from behind his Protective Personality to shine and radiate with love. He is a Relationship Counsellor and Therapist and a certified Energy Codes Coach. Robert loves being in the bush and the beach and communing with the earth, the flora and fauna and feels deeply connected to all.

Being Human is Genderless, and so is our Soul

This workshop is an experiential exploration of the common and essential similarities of being human whether you identify as a woman, a man or are transitioning from one to the other, or maybe you don't identify as either, as a man or a woman. I will be facilitating discussions about reasons and experiences in life that construct our Protective Personality. This Protective Personality puts layers over our Soulful Self which is our essential and core self. I will provide some information about the 5 influences in life that either builds our Protective Personality or expands and radiates our Soulful Self. We will be moving our bodies, playing and making noises, we will be laughing and crying together. We will be moving our energy with breathing and movement and may release some of your Protective Personality in a safe environment to allow your Soulful Self to shine and radiate with love.

We are all born of love and we all live with, in and of love, to the time we die with and in love.