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Jacob O'Neill
Jacob is a Men's coach and mentor who has helped hundreds of men to live more fulfilling and meaningful lives. He is passionate about helping men to connect to their hearts, their intuition, and their inner power. This is done through the appropriate rites of passage that are steeped in ritual, ceremony and deep inner work. He believes all men are here to live freely, love deeply, and serve humbly.

Awaken the Warrior

Awaken the warrior provides participants the opportunity to lay it all on the line to reveal their warrior spirit. This is about lighting the fire within your soul and learning how to channel it into inspired action.

Each man is given the opportunity to step in and face off with another man and be met in ritual combat. The combat style is wrestling. You will face off with all your insecurities and fears as you meet your edge and honour the man in front of you with your warrior spirit.

If a man is unable to participate in this style of combat there is an exercise that we offer to allow you the opportunity to awaken the warrior without the physical aspect. This is equally as powerful.

Please know this workshop is not about destroying yourself or others. It is a space for you to be courageous and move with honour and respect.