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Jhana Bowen
Jhana Bowen is an practicing therapist for over 24 years. He is a bodywork practitioner, meditation, yoga and chi kung instructor, an art therapist and the author and illustrator of the Rainbow Turtle Golden Dolphin. Jhana is also a professional artist specialising in marine animals and explores aspects of consciousness in his paintings.

Authenticity & Creativity

Within our true nature, our essence, lies our values. Certain experiences may set in place a disconnection from our essence and our authenticity. Through deep listening to Nature, and to our own nature, we can explore our values, and who we truly are can surface. We can find direction and the authentic self to guide us through life.

This workshop is a creative process of didarri / deep listening, exploring creative expression and making art that emerges from our essence. We will find reminders, symbols and guideposts for further illumination of the bridge between our unconscious and conscious mind.

Whether you believe that you do (or don't) know much about art, whether you have experience in creative expression or not, there will be benefit in this workshop for you. This is for you if you're keen to explore authenticity and the messages your subconscious mind has for you.