David Murray
David has been coming to Mens Wellbeing events for a number of years and has offered workshops on a variety of themes. He is a retired engineer and father of two. David is a passionate supporter and facilitator of the Common Ground program and spends his time restoring a bushland property in NSW to its former glory. If you talk to him about this be prepared for long conversation!!!!

…and your point is?

Why are you here, in this world, using up oxygen and space and resources? In the past 24 months much of the world around us has changed and it maybe that you are no longer sure of your purpose. Or maybe you have never enquired fully, or perhaps you have always been seeking…. Well I don't know your purpose but you, in your heart do. This workshop is about going deep inside to find your it, to find your reason for being. Now I can't promise that you will achieve this in two hours but I can promise that you will find more about yourself. We will be working as a group and in pairs and using a variety of techniques to go inside. We will have some fun, and some seriousness and emerge a little different from when we started.