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Warren Huck
Warren has been attending men's groups and gatherings since 2006. He has discovered that he is not alone, that being human is a hugely variable journey and that we often have more in common than we can possibly imagine. Warren is a long term member of Men’s Wellbeing, a Men’s Wellbeing Elder and a regular workshop facilitator.

An introduction to Shadow Work

Have you ever had an intention to head in one direction in life but something within causes you to go in another ? If so, maybe your shadow is running the show. The shadow only has power when we fail to see that it is there. Shadow Work is about becoming conscious of and owning our entire experience of being in the world, when we can see the full landscape we can choose to act differently. This simple process has the ability to unveil things that are hiding in plain sight. Lovingly held challenge and food for thought are assured.