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Joseph Bonanno
Young lad from Central Coast of QLD. Director and facilitator @ Evocativ Mental Fitness. Love camping, being outdoors & connecting with people.

3 steps to navigating conflict

Participants will be invited to reflect on unresolved conflict in their present or past life, they will then be taught a simple framework for navigating difficult conversations/giving critical feedback. Once the framework is understood they will have an opportunity to partner with another participant and role play the challenging conversation they are avoiding having. Boundaries will be set around the use of this framework (when to use, how to use and when not to use) and clear advice will be given to not rush home and word vomit all of their stuff at their spouse/loved ones. The workshop is not about encouraging people to be more confrontational but providing them with a safe, loving and empathetic way to approach challenging conversations they may encounter. If conducted with intent the role play can even help to diffuse the negative emotions an individual may be harbouring towards another. It’s about awareness.