Mens Wellbeing is a not-for-profit community association of everyday men supporting each other in our quest for wellbeing – for ourselves and those we care about. We are not professional counsellors, nor can we offer advice on matters of health, psychology or relationships counselling. If you are in urgent need call one of the crisis services below. It is an act of strength and courage to reach out for assistance when you really need it. Do not try and “tough it out” on your own.

It is important to understand that we cannot guarantee that any of these services will be suitable for your particular needs. Please exercise all reasonable care. We are not able to make a professional therapeutic recommendation for your particular situation.

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2020
Annual Report for the financial year ending 30 June 2020
Annual Report 2021
Annual Report for the financial year ending 30 June 2021

Crisis Support

Lismore Men’s Line
02 6622 2240
Kids Helpline
1800 55 1800. An excellent resource for kids who need to talk to someone outside their family of origin. Staffed by qualified counsellors.
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Legal Aid Hotline
1300 888 529
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Family Law Hotline
1800 050 321
13 11 14 - 24hrs, 7days
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Mensline Australia
1300 78 99 78 24hrs - 7days. Mensline is a national service that supports men who are dealing with family and relationship difficulties, particularly surrounding family breakdown or separation. We offer anonymous telephone support, information and referral for men around Australia, 24 hrs a day, seven days a week, for the cost of a local call. Mensline Australia’s counsellors are professionally trained to provide counselling responses and approaches that specifically suit the way men think and behave. They also have ready access to relevant information and referral to men’s services at any time and from anywhere in the country. Mensline Australia is managed by Crisis Support Services, a not-for-profit, non-government organisation that also operates a number of other specialist services.

Our Partner Organisations

Australian Men’s Health Forum
Mens Wellbeing is a member organisation of the Australian Men’s Health Forum, the peak national body advocating for the health and wellbeing of men and boys. Mens Wellbeing, in conjunction with the Australasian Men’s Health Forum, was the host agency for the 2013 National Men’s Health Gathering, over four days at the Brisbane Convention Centre from October 22 – 25th.
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Women’s Wellbeing Association inc
Our sister organisation Women’s Wellbeing Association is dedicated to initiating education, consciousness and empowerment raising activities for the health and wellbeing of women. Women’s Wellbeing is a safe, supportive space for meeting, greeting, friendship, sisterhood, sharing and learning with like-hearted women through our programs, circles, events and gatherings.
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Powerhouse Programs
We support Powerhouse Programs in their service of teenage boys and their families. Powerhouse Programs has built an excellent reputation for their many programs and resources that support mums, dads and sons to learn new skills, embrace change and adjust relationships in line with emerging adulthood. We’re proud of our many members who volunteer their time to support the rite-of-passage camps, and we’re honoured that many of the young men and fathers that have attended Powerhouse events are joining our men’s gatherings!
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Iron John
In this deeply learned book, poet and translator Robert Bly offers nothing less than a new vision of what it is to be a man. Bly's vision is based on his ongoing work with men and reflections on his own life. He addresses the devastating effects of remote fathers and mourns the disappearance of male initiation rites in our culture. Finding rich meaning in ancient stories and legends, Bly uses the Grimm fairy tale "Iron John," in which the narrator, or "Wild Man," guides a young man through eight stages of male growth, to remind us of long–forgotten images of vigorous masculinity, both protective and emotionally–centered. Simultaneously poetic and down-to-earth, combining the grandeur of myth with the practical and often painful lessons of our own histories, Iron John is a rare work that will continue to guide and inspire men—and women—for years to come.
King, Warrior, Magician, Lover
The bestselling, widely heralded, Jungian introduction to the psychological foundation of a mature, authentic, and revitalized masculinity.
The New Manhood
The New Manhood is a powerful book about how the “river of healthy masculinity” was broken through the distance between fathers and sons, and addresses how to heal and become a whole man. Growing up, sex, love, marriage, friends, work, meaning and spirit. A life changing book for thousands of men, and the women who love them.
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Raising Teenage Boys
From Andy Roy at Powerhouse Programs, "Raising Teenage Boys" is 270 pages of what parents really need to know about the often-challenging teenage years. Once you’ve read the Mystery of the Teenage Brain, Dads especially will realise that you just can’t "fix" a brain that is going through a re-wiring process. What’s required here is something totally different. If you’ve been trying hard and failing this is why. The 7 Keys to Effective Teen Parenting gives you the new strategies you need to make a potentially horrendous time more palatable for everyone. You’ll find here a map for your son or sons to become healthy and confident young men. This is a Man-Making Manual for ALL families, whether facing real challenges or doing okay. All boys need something different at this time and included in this book is the It’s Time chapters – how you can give your son a gift for all time with a Rite of Passage. It’s what many of the parenting experts and big thinkers of today are saying is missing, and here it is in one easy-to-read book!