WAM Online Sharing Circle 2024-09-04:


September WAM Circle

04/09/2024 7:00 pm - 04/09/2024 9:00 pm
Women And Men programs are a joint initiative of Women's Wellbeing and Mens Wellbeing associations.

What are the WAM Online Sharing Circles?

WAM Online Sharing Circles are a joint initiative of Women’s Wellbeing Association and Mens Wellbeing Association!

Online Sharing Circles are like a men’s circle or women’s circle but online and open to both men and women to attend! Each Circle has two facilitators, one from each organisation: Mens Wellbeing Inc and Women’s Wellbeing Association. These facilitators will help create a supportive environment of confidentiality and respect where you can feel welcome, heard and accepted.

The WAM Online Sharing Circles are FREE to attend!

The benefits of attending may include…

  • It’s a supported space where you can share what’s going on for you
  • You can attend from the privacy and convenience of your own home
  • It’s a place where you can be heard, accepted, and not judged
  • Sometimes it can help to just talk about what’s going on for you
  • Just by being present, listening and witnessing what’s going on for others, you’re supporting them

Booking is essential. All men and women (over 18yo) are welcome to attend. No previous experience in men’s or women’s groups is required.

You will be emailed a Zoom link when you book.

Starts 7:00PM


The WAM Online Sharing Circle replicates a traditional Open Men’s or Women’s Group circle, but with the convenience of being in an online format. Therefore, we respectfully ask that you are fully present (no distractions or interruptions), drug and alcohol free and stay ‘in circle’ (online) until the sharing circle has concluded.


The WAM Online Sharing Circles are not suitable for participation on a mobile phone. Quite simply, the screen is not big enough, you can’t see the other participants properly and holding or balancing a phone for two hours is too hard. Please join on a device with a good-sized screen (a PC or a tablet). You need to plan to be in a quiet, private place, having earphones/headphones available can help in this regard.

You will need the Zoom software installed on a PC or tablet. Get it through the link.

If you have never used Zoom before you must install it ahead of time. Test that your camera, mic and speakers are all recognised by the software.

You must be in a private place to join this workshop so you can honour the confidentiality of the other participants.

Women’s Wellbeing Association is a not-for-profit community organisation offering support to women, their families and communities through online and in-person events, gatherings and programs. We especially recognise the roles of Women and the deep wisdom they impart for the future generations of women to stand tall in their knowledge, wisdom and culture.

Women embracing difference – making a difference.

For more information, visit womenswellbeing.org

For more information on Mens Wellbeing visit our page.

Contact Us

Scott Grimmett
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T: 07 3067 3449
E: admin@menswellbeing.org

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