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Mens Wellbeing has initiated hundreds of men’s groups through the Common Ground program. More often than not, some or all of the participants continue to meet after the nine week course concludes and become what is known as a “closed men’s group”. This is a great way for less experienced men to join a closed men’s group.

Often these groups can meet regularly for years or even decades after. Sometimes however the number of men in a group may dwindle with time due to men moving or their needs and circumstances changing. Unless the group takes on new men this may ultimately lead to the group ceasing to meet and disbanding.

New Ground is a Mens Wellbeing service that aims to help connect existing groups that are looking for new members with experienced men who want to join a closed men’s group.

Are you looking for a closed men’s group?

If you have previously completed a Common Ground program and/or have been in a closed men’s group in the past, and would like to join a group, then New Ground may be able to help connect you with a closed men’s group looking for new members.

If you would like to find out more about the program, please feel free to contact our New Ground coordinator and have a chat. You can let him know what you’d like from a men’s group and he can let you know if there are any closed groups in your area that may be suitable.

We appreciate that the process of joining a closed group is akin to forging a new, and potentially long–term, relationship and as such needs to be agreeable to both parties. As a result, confidentiality is a key aspect of the New Ground program. Your details will not be shared or retained without your permission.

Are you looking for new men to join your closed men’s group?

  • Has the number of men in your group dwindled?
  • Are you finding it more and more difficult to get the remaining men to come along to your meetings?
  • Would you like to expand your group and explore some new ground?

It might be time to enrich your group by adding a new man (or two).

Your group can initiate this process by nominating a group contact and having him contact the New Ground coordinator. You can let the Coordinator know what your group’s minimum requirements are for potential new members and the frequency and general area in which you meet. We respect the confidentiality fo the group and do not need to know the names or details of the members of your group.

If there are potentially suitable men in your area that are looking for a closed men’s group, we can let you know, and facilitate the exchange of contact details if both parties agree.

Would you like Mens Wellbeing to assist in the integration of new group members?

Welcoming a new member and integrating him into an existing group can be delicate and may take some time. Mens Wellbeing may be able to assist your group in this process by providing one of our experienced facilitators for the initial meeting. Our facilitator can help with re-capping and/or establishing the group’s guidelines and/or run a “getting to know you” process to assist with group forming.

The New Ground coordinator can tell you more about this initiative and help you decide if it is something you would like to take advantage of.

Interested in New Ground?

For more information, please contact
Steve Smythe – 0433 204 740


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