Mens Wellbeing promoted on Rebel FM Radio Breakfast Show

Recently, I was talking on the phone with Ash from Rebel FM and then on-the-spot, he decided to interview me about Mens Wellbeing and the work we do to support men.

So with no time to prepare, I gave two short 2-min interviews, one immediately after the other over the phone.

The following day, Ash broadcast the two interviews on their prime time Breakfast Show to rural and regional Queensland and New South Wales communities via the Rebel FM affiliated radio network.

If you’re interested, here’s a copy of the interview recording … Rebel FM Radio Interview (5 mins)

I’d like to thank Ash Palmero and Rebel FM for their time, resources and kind support in helping to get the message out to the wider community about the great work Mens Wellbeing do to help support men.

And on the same note, I’d like to acknowledge the hundreds of men in our community, who quietly step-up and are there for their fellow brothers, in times of need. It’s not just the Common Ground Facilitators, the Mens Wellbeing Committee, or the Workshop Presenters or Tribal Group Leaders … it’s all of us working together to support one another that ‘makes the difference’.

Thank you!

Craig Wyld
Marketing Manager